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Accreditation Benefits through a Certified Registrar

Transfer your certification to International Auditors Inc.

Not all certification bodies are the same - at IAI we are certified to ISO 9001:2015, accredited to ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and adhere to the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Philosophy of “Results Oriented and Performance Across Entire System”. We believe our clients deserve great service and value for their money. That means Certification and Surveillance audits that work to improve your organization as well as meeting the requirements of your chosen standard(s). 

Benefits of Transfer
What You Can Expect

Steps to Transferring Your Certification 






There is a simple five step process to transferring your certification to IAI and it can take as little as a week. Follow these steps to ensure a quick and easy transfer to IAI: 


Contact our sales staff who will collect the information required for a transfer. 

IAI’s services provider will send a quote for your transfer and ongoing certification. 

Once the quote is accepted, a review will take place prior to transferring your certificate. This will be offsite unless you have outstanding non-conformities which have not been closed by your current certification body. 

IAI will issue a new certificate with your existing scope and aligned to your existing certification dates. 

IAI will inform your current certification body of your transfer. 

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