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Work With International Auditors Inc.

Advantages of Working with IAI

Our company offers a host of benefits when you work with us. 

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Are you looking for an Registrar or Certification Body?

International Auditors Inc. is an accredited registrar/certification body and we are looking for independent auditors globally that are looking for a new registrar/certification body to work with under a contract basis. Ideally, you will have external audit experience and be certified through Exemplar Global or other accredited agency. 

Note: Applicants who have Third Party experience are a plus. 
International Auditors Inc. offers competitive internal audit and certification audit rates, prompt payment of invoices and regular training opportunities. 

  • Offer certification for 18 different Standards.

  • All certifications are accredited.

  • Fixed-fee certificate pricing.

  • A three-business day turn-around on all certificates provided documentation meets all requirement and there are no nonconformances.

  • All audit reports submitted will be reviewed and validated by an accredited auditor.

  • Offer a certificate verification system using IAI’s directory of active certificates.

  • Offer a referral system for all out-of-area audits

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